Scour our 15 ways to ditch the dirt and get rid of the gunk, leaving your kitchen spick and span in time for spring

Let’s face it: There are some chores that just slip to the wayside. Besides Martha Stewart, who has time to clean out the microwave and sweep underneath the refrigerator on a regular basis? But spring gives us all a chance to catch up. As the weather warms up, try starting off your spring cleaning regimen with the heart of the home — your kitchen.

Tip: As you’re cleaning, make a list of things that you need to replenish in your kitchen, from cleaning supplies to basic cooking items. Hand soap, dish soap, paper towels, olive oil — write it all down and make sure to leave room for it when you’re reorganizing.

Text by Vanessa BrunnerPhotos by ShelfGenie National, original photo on Houzz