3 Tips for Creating a Holiday Table

Deborah Rhodes, CEO of Deborah Rhodes Tabletop, which makes pretty napkins, placemats, and more, offers these tips for setting a table:

Choose the right size centerpiece. “During the holidays, guests are often ready to celebrate, connect and enjoy each other’s company. Now, it’s hard to connect and share stories if your guests cannot see you or other members at the table because of a centerpiece, so be sure that when you set your table, the guests can see one another across the table,” she advises. “If you have a round table, consider using a low centerpiece. If you want a playful table, you can try scattering smaller arrangements of flowers in various heights.”

Take lighting into account. “Lighting is a key element at dinner parties. Using soft lighting, whether candles or café lamps can create a cozy event,” she says. “Just make sure you have enough lighting that the guests can enjoy your display, each other and the food!” 

Add fun elements. Put on a playlist that, she says, reflects the mood of the evening.” And consider a small gift for guests. “Once I gave my guests handmade tree ornaments that my kids made,” she says. “It was very personal, appreciated and cemented a great memory.”