A Must Read

Talitha Getty

Looking for a juicy, captivating book that will really take you away from it all? We’ve got you covered: Bestselling author Jane Green’s latest page-turner, Sister Stardust, transports you to magical Morocco in the cool and groovy era that was the 1960s. The fictional tale, which came out in April, is inspired by the true story of troubled socialite Talitha Getty and the glamorous and decadent life she lived at her palatial home in Marrakech.

“I discovered a photo of Talitha when I was a teenager and her exoticism, beauty, and mysterious gaze captivated me,” says Green, who lives in Westport, CT, and has written 21 previous novels. “I always wanted to know more about her and when my editor suggested I write historical fiction, I immediately knew whom I wanted to write about.”

The novel opens as young, sheltered Claire escapes from the countryside and moves to London. She becomes immersed in the vibrant British music scene and spontaneously heads to Marrakesh with her new group of glamorous friends. Their destination is oil tycoon J. Paul Getty’s exotic compound that he shares with his free-spirited wife Talitha and a rolling cast of celebrities, artists and models. Claire is quickly swept up in their hedonistic world—but soon the reality of fame, drugs, and tragedy intervene. You’ll find yourself madly Googling for real-life pictures and stories of Talitha Getty as you devour this dazzling story of glitter and tragedy.