Annabelle’s Collection

Founder: Annabelle Marvin
Greenwich, CT

When Annabelle Marvin’s friends began turning 50, she started making bracelets to give as gifts. “They really came about as friendship bracelets,” says Marvin, an Aussie transplant with three teenage boys. “I wanted to get back into something creative that wasn’t
SAT scores and college applications.” Her jewelry consists mainly of 3mm, 4mm or 6mm beads in gold, rose gold or sterling silver. The pieces are versatile (easy to wear with jeans and a tee or a little black dress); functional (the beads won’t chip or tarnish); and chic (it’s a classic look that’s quietly sophisticated). Not surprisingly, people quickly took notice. Shreve Crump & Low and Housewarmings in Old Greenwich, CT, began carrying Annabelle’s Collection, and the bracelets have caught on as high school graduation presents for girls to give their classmates. The support of her friends isn’t lost on Marvin: “We’re all coming of an age where our kids are going off to college and we’re still young and want to stay involved.” To put your own stamp on a design, Marvin also takes custom requests for charms and engraving.

Photograph by Hollie Bertram