Apricot Home


Founder: Abby Potts Pillari
Greenwich, CT

As a stylist for GQ magazine for 10 years, Abby Potts Pillari is well versed in the world of style. And as an extremely busy mom of five, she’s learned the importance of practicality. When Pillari’s children began making messes on one of her favorite rugs, she knew she needed a solution. “I felt that I could make good-looking, simple rugs that could also be hosed down and were very practical for indoors and outdoors,” she says. So, she created several designs and tracked down a factory that could produce the handwoven, recycled PVC items. The “family proof” rugs can be washed and don’t skid or fade; plus, they’re available in a variety of colorful, modern prints. Clearly, others have embraced the appeal, because Apricot Home indoor/outdoor rugs are now in more than 100 stores, including Kirby and Company and Darien Sport Shop, in Darien, CT, and have made their way into countless kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and beach houses. Pillari’s designs, she says, “are all named after my kids, pets and friends who have helped me along the way.”

Photograph by Hollie Bertram