Chambers was styled by Suitsupply.

Michael Chambers walked the runway at Serendipity’s Fashion Night Out for Audubon CT, where he serves as vice chairman of the board of directors and is also a member of the executive committee. Here’s why he gives his time to this wildlife-focused charity, which aims to protect habitats and bird species through land stewardship, science, education and advocacy. 

“I see my role as being an ambassador to the Audubon mission. This ranges from the promotion of programs, to fundraising, to the participation of important policy positions argued before the Connecticut legislature. Building these lasting friendships have been as enjoyable as learning the many different bird species and the threats they face from human activities. More recently, I’ve been moved by the success of the Urban Oasis Program which has vastly expanded Audubon’s reach into the inner city by connecting students of color to the outdoors.”

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Photographs by Sara Luckey