Avivi Beauty


Founder: Cheryl MacCluskey
Greenwich, CT

Disillusioned by expensive skincare products with endless, indecipherable ingredient lists, Cheryl MacCluskey envisioned creating a simpler, safer beauty product. “I wanted to do something green and all-natural that would have really nice benefits.” So, MacCluskey painstakingly researched the properties of essential oils and became a self-described “mad scientist” in her kitchen, whipping up various combinations and then working with a chemist to perfect her formulas. This January, she teamed up with business partner Arthur “Kitt” Watson, to launch Avivi Beauty, a line of avocado-oil-based body oils and scrubs, as well as a facial serum. True to her vision, MacCluskey’s subtly scented, seriously hydrating products also have major beauty benefits: “We did a clinical study that showed [our serum] diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by 45 percent over eight weeks,” she says. It’s already been a big year for Avivi, as the brand was recently the recipient of a prestigious American Package Design Award for its sleek bottles and boxes. Next, MacCluskey plans to create a night cream and day cream as well as a men’s line of oils. “I really believe business is business and if you run it with passion and determination you can make anything happen,” she says.

Photograph by Hollie Bertram