Brian Reilly

Image of Brian Reilly

Chef Brian Reilly has been in the kitchen since he was twelve years old. After school, Reilly would rush home to make pizzas with anything he could scavenge in the kitchen. His interest in cooking came from watching his Irish grandmother, whose delicious, hearty meals would frequently fill the kitchen. Eventually, Reilly worked his way into the culinary world, starting as a dishwasher in Burton, OH. He then went on to cook at the Winking Lizard throughout high school, and spent eight years in Charleston, South Carolina working in various kitchen and management positions. During his time in Charleston Chef Reilly worked for numerous established and James Beard awarded chefs. Reilly started working with Chef Jonathon Sawyer in August of 2009 at The Greenhouse Tavern. After just three months as a line cook, Reilly became Chef de Cuisine at Green House Tavern. That same year The Greenhouse Tavern was awarded top 10 best new restaurant in the country by “Bon Appetit”. During this time Chef Reilly traveled the country working at some of the best restaurants Marc Vetri’s Osteria Philly, Morimoto NYC, Takashi Chicago, Paul Kahan’s Black Bird Chicago, David Chang Ma Peche NYC, and April Bloomfield’s Spotted Pig NYC to name a few. After that he became Chef/Partner at Noodlecat, Sawyer and Reilly’s Award winning Japanese inspired noodle house. Here Reilly created a menu that was a collection of locally farmed, foraged, and sourced products. In 2013 Chef Reilly appeared on the show Chef Wanted with Anne Burrel. A cooking competition to see who would be the new chef of Tavern 1757 in Seymour CT. After winning and relocating to Connecticut as the Chef of the Tavern, where he used his culinary back round to bring new inspired dishes to menu. Tavern 1757 boasted its own vinegar making program as well as a dry curing room where Chef Reilly and his crew took whole animals and made all types of charcuterie. After moving past tavern chef started working for with Mecha Noodle Bar. Eventually Reilly took on the culinary director position and is helping drive Mecha’s mission to make quality ramen an everyday option. Reilly can usually be found Hiking, foraging, brewing beer, and experimenting with a large array of ethnic cuisine.