Cheekie Charlie


Founder: Carla Palmer
Mamaroneck, NY

Baby clothes often seem to be cute or functional, never both. Graphic designer Carla Palmer set out to change that. “Every day as a new mom, I’d just think of things like, why don’t they have that?” she says. “Our daughter, Charlie, was teething and drooling like crazy, and it was gross.” Tired of having to change her daughter’s wet outfit every ten minutes, Palmer—a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology—sketched a bib that could be snapped on and off a onesie. She didn’t have to think hard for a company name. “From day one, Charlie had this mischievous cheekiness about her, so the name stuck,” Palmer says. Cheekie Charlie snapsuits come with patterned bibs in a variety of prints; plus, the bibs are organic, backed in terry cloth, and the snaps are neatly tucked under fabric. Now that Charlie is older, Palmer has expanded into creating t-shirts with funny, toddler-inspired phrases, which are printed in New Rochelle, NY.

Photograph by Hollie Bertram