Fausto Mieres began his formal education at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, where he earned his degree in culinary arts. Upon graduation, he worked in Fairfield County restaurants, including Oak + Almond and Bartaco before opening the acclaimed Anthony’s Deli in Stamford. Now that Mieres has taken over the role as Executive Chef at MYX Creative Kitchen, he’s generating industry buzz with his innovative creations by bringing the precision of French technique, the Italian devotion to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and a passion for international flavors to MYX Creative Kitchen.

In his role as Executive Chef, Mieres is responsible for crafting the regionally acclaimed establishment’s daily and seasonal menus as well as their catering events. Not afraid to experiment with flavors, a fact evident in some of MYX Creative Kitchen’s recent menu items, Mieres  mixes cuisines from around the world with locally grown ingredients to create classic dishes with modern twist.