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10 Foods That Bring Luck While Ringing In the New Year

Noodles, Japan
Some believe that if you eat long soba or buckwheat noodles (which symbolize longevity), without breaking any while you slurp, you’ll enjoy a long life.

Pork, Germany
In Germany, the dish of choice is  pork sausages with cabbage. But, many countries believe that pigs symbolize abundance and progress because they’re big and move forward as they root for food. 

Grapes, Spain & Portugal
The tradition of eating 12 grapes, one at a time with each stroke of midnight, is more than 100 years old.   

When the clock strikes midnight, some Greeks smash a pomegranate. The more seeds that pour out, the better the chances for a bountiful year.


Hoppin’ John, United States
This classic Southern dish is made with black-eyed peas and rice, and it’s traditionally served with leafy greens. The meal symbolizes prosperity — the peas are coins and the greens are the color of money.


Circular Food, Philippines
In the Philippines, Europe and in parts of the United States, people eat round food (apples, oranges, bagels, etc.) to celebrate the year’s full circle.


Also known as Coin Cake (above), this special lemon-flavored dessert is a Greek tradition —  a coin is baked into the recipe  and whoever gets it in their piece is in for a year of good luck.


Lentils, Brazil & Italy
Beans represent coins and people believe that when eaten in abundance, they’ll be rewarded with a prosperous next year.


A Whole Fish, China
At Chinese New Year, people serve cooked fish with the head and tail intact — it represents the beginning and end of the past year and abundance in the next.


Pickled Herring, Germany, Poland & Scandinavia
The fish’s silvery scales represent wealth and they must be eaten by midnight!

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