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    Bite-Size Ice Cream Truffle Platters

    Crème Allure, Decadent ice cream enrobed in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and nuts and displayed on elegant silver serving trays, 25 to 50 truffles, $37-$72

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  • Custom Chocolate Boxes

    Chocolations, Custom boxes, price varies
    Made in Mamaroneck, NY

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  • Healing Home Foods Gift Boxes

    Healing Home Foods, Gift boxes, from $35, DeCicco’s, Armonk, NY and DeCicco Family Markets, Katonah, NY
    Made in Pound Ridge, NY

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    Ice Cream Sundae Gift

    Crème Allure, It’s an ice cream sundae bar delivered to your door. Pints of hand-packed gourmet ice cream, abundant toppings, ice cream cones, and even an ice cream scooper, $36 to $56

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    Ice Cream Truffle and Sorbet Gift

    Crème Allure, full-size ice cream truffles enrobed in a variety of coatings and sorbets in real fruit shells, available in more than 30 flavors, each individually wrapped, $35 to $100

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    ILA Syrup, Oil, Honey, & Salt

    Grayson De Vere, ILĀ Maple syrup, olive oil, wildflower honey and black lava salt (each sold separately), $24-$42

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  • Jane’s Good Food Jars

    Jane’s Good Food, Jars, Westport Farmers Market
    Made in Westport, CT

    $12.00 Buy Here
  • Mahia

    Nahmias et Fils, Mahia
    Made in Yonkers, NY

    $35.00 Buy Here
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    Palmer’s French Macaron Garden

    Palmer’s DarienFrench Macaron Garden Palmer’s signature Russian box filled with French macarons laid in a bed of fresh floral blooms topped with a lid and bow

    $110.00 Buy Here
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    Palmer’s Fruit Basket

    Palmer’s Darien, Handpicked to include only the freshest seasonal fruit, $60 to $100

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    Palmer’s Gourmet Gift Baskets

    Palmer’s Darien, the ultimate gift; always made-to-order and completely customizable, $110 to $500


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  • Quick Fix Brittle and Macaroon Gift

    Connecticut Cookie Company, Quick Fix Brittle and Macaroon gift
    Made in Fairfield, CT

    $30.00 Buy Here
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    Syrup and Handmade Pitcher Gift Set

    Grayson De Vere, Farmhouse Pottery Maple syrup and handmade pitcher gift set

    $85.00 Buy Here

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