The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT is letting visitors get close to some of the most strangely beautiful, but painfully dangerous, animals in the sea with its newly expanded exhibit of jellyfish.

The exhibit, called “Journey with Jellies,” will now display the most jellyfish species in the area. The current jellyfish section has been the most popular exhbit at the aquarium for the past 20 years. The new bigger space will include Atlantic sea nettles and lion’s mane jellies, as well as such non-native species as spotted jellies, Pacific sea nettles, upside-down jellies and more.

“Jellies are among the most simple animals, thriving without a brain, heart, lungs, gills and really any of the other organs that we believe an animal must have to survive,” said Barrett Christie, the Aquarium’s associate director of animal husbandry. “Yet survive they have, for millions of years, in forms and colors that are fascinating.”