Whether it’s the stress of work, family, life or juggling all of the above, we could all use a sanctuary to process our feelings and connect. That’s the kind of place Emily Vartanian-Tuttle, founder of the Westport, CT, mindfulness studio Pause + Purpose, was looking to create when she started meeting with friends in her home in 2019 for group sessions. Two years later, in December 2021, she opened Pause + Purpose, which offers classes like Flow, which focuses on yoga and meditation, and Release, which prioritizes rest.

One of their popular classes is the 75-minute Empower ($28), which includes a workout (think: elements of HIIT, pilates and other styles) with great music and a journaling session included. “All of our classes have some element of writing, and that’s something everyone should have in their tool kit,” she says. She hopes students walk away with “a sense that the world is a friendly place and we’re here to help each other.” She wants participants to feel safe and to leave the class thinking “everything I’m feeling is OK.”