We’ve all been there: the holidays are in the rear-view mirror and after all that good eating and imbibing, we’re ready to put down the beer glass, at least for dry January. “[This] is a key month for the entire non-alcoholic beer category with more than one-third of Americans choosing to start the new year off on a positive note by taking a break from alcohol,” says Chris Furnari, communications manager for Athletic Brewing Co, which is headquartered in Milford, CT, and produces around 50 different non-alcoholic brews each year. “We do see a spike in sales in January, especially from individuals who might be reevaluating the role alcohol plays in their daily lives.”

This year, the suds-with-no-buzz company wants to encourage their customers to “Give Dry A Try” and instead of—or along with—going a full 31 days straight in the first month of the year, gradually make non-alcoholic drinking a more consistent part of their lives. “Maybe that means skipping booze during the week and saving their alcohol occasions for the weekends,” Furnari suggests. “It could also mean just replacing the one full-strength craft beer on a Tuesday night with an Athletic brew. It’s super refreshing after a hard workout, and amazing after a day on the slopes.” Cheers to near-beer all year!