Going Bold with Color

It’s no secret that color is an easy way to completely transform any room in your home. But if you’re looking for next-level, luxurious color consider Fine Paints of Europe, a Dutch company known for their high-end paints, including the ultra high-gloss Hollandlac Brilliant line. “The densely pigmented formulation of Hollandlac Brilliant provides superior coverage and hiding power,” says Michael Italiano of Norwalk, CT-based Shoreline Painting, which is certified in the Fine Paints of Europe process. “High concentrations of costly, color-fast pigments result in colors that resist fading.” The finish possesses a “mirror-like luminescence,” according to Italiano, which may be used subtly or dramatically to create focus, space and light. And that will work in a whole range of spaces—from an accent wall or ceiling, to handrails or even a front door, he says. “With high-gloss painting,” says Italiano, “you can use this style anywhere you desire a ‘wow’ effect.”