Homemade Pop Tarts by Pop’t by Lily

Looking for a fun take on a nut-free dessert? Enter baker Lily Aslanian—and her homemade pop tarts. With severe nut allergies herself, the Purchase, NY, native created her own version of a pop tart—which she calls ‘pop’ts’—back in 2018, launching her business while still working full-time at a New York City marketing agency. “After realizing I could no longer bake in my NYC apartment with four roommates, I moved my bakery into my childhood home and took over my parents’ entire basement to maintain the demand of orders I was receiving,” she says.

Today, along with chunky cookies and super fudgy brownies, both of which she launched last year, pop’ts continue to be one of her most popular items. The sweet treats come in both full and mini sizes and feature homemade fillings like cookie dough, s’mores and apple pie, “stuffed into two pieces of buttery, flaky multi-layered dough,” as she describes. You can order all her desserts online to be shipped directly, or find them in the Legends Suites at Yankee Stadium. Order the sampler box ($25), to try pop’ts, cookies and brownies. poptbylily.com