We all needed encouragement and inspiration early on in the pandemic, as writer Shynae Davis, the owner and creator of Honey Notes affirmation cards, explains—and that’s exactly what she offered her social media followers.

“My most impactful posts were short inspirational quotes starting with the word ‘Honey,’” she says, with her signature style featuring black text on pink paper. “Over time, my Instagram page became a mini therapy portal.” Eventually, she turned the words she’d written into Honey Notes ($18 and up), a series of 60 motivating and uplifting notecards encouraging the reader to “let time heal the stubborn wounds,” “scoot your chair in; you belong here,” or “save a little bit of that love for yourself.”

As Davis, who is based in Mount Vernon, NY, explains, “Honey Notes are written in a poetic manner to give a compliment, employ action or reflect.” Next up: Davis plans to pen cards for kids, couples and moms.