Jane’s Good Food Dilly Beans

Next time you mix up a Bloody Mary or put together a charcuterie spread, add these Dilly Beans ($18) from Jane’s Good Food. The old-fashioned snack can be found at The Pantry in Fairfield, CT, the Harbor Harvest in Norwalk, CT and directly through founder Jane Costello. She grew up in Pennsylvania playing among the rows of beans and learning how to cook. Now, she is sharing her family’s recipes with the next generation through her company Jane’s Good Food, based in Westport, CT.

To create the dilly beans, she takes garden beans and pickles them in a classic dill and garlic brine with a few red pepper flakes. “I hope my handmade locally sourced preserved food creates mouthwatering never-forget-how-good-it-is memories,” Costello says.