Jane’s Good Food


Founder: Jane Costello
Westport, CT

With a motto of “eat like you mean it,” Jane Costello is serious about quality food. The Lancaster, PA, native grew up road-tripping in her family’s station wagon to see relatives in Nebraska and Wyoming, where home-cooked meals were important. “When we’d arrive there was always a huge meal, and we just ate really well,” she says. “We’d start talking about dinner at breakfast.” Today, Costello makes a variety of pickles, jarred fruits and vegetables, chutneys and relishes, all true to her family’s roots. For instance, her Dilly Beans are her aunt Helen’s recipe, and her Bread and Butter Pickle recipe came from her mom. “Most people refer to me as a pickle person, but it was my spiced peaches that told me I had a business,” she says. “I’d give them as gifts and people would beg me for more.” Costello sells her artisanal goods online and at several local farmers markets. But get them while you can—her seasonal fare goes fast.

Photograph by Hollie Bertram