Nod Hill Soap


Wilton, CT
As the only woman in a house full of men—she’s married and has two grown sons—Catherine Romer had received fancy soaps as presents for years. “It was their go-to gift, and I adored getting them,” she says, “but it never occurred to me that soap was something I could make.” After some online research, her first attempt was to make something called “grocery store soap,” and that had her hooked. “I made hundreds of versions of different cold-processed soaps before I was able to find the perfect combinations,” Romer says of her creations, which are made with various oils and butters. “I had to relearn basic chemistry.” Within months, she started packaging it and giving it to friends, and she was soon selling at farmers markets all over Fairfield County. Now she has
a store in Wilton, and the resourceful mom does all her own Web design, labeling, and packaging. “Everything I do with my business is my girlie outlet,” she says. “I want my products to be feminine and elegant.” Romer has been so successful that her line has expanded to lotions, scrubs and even all-natural insect repellant. Fittingly, the origin of her company’s name is as local as the products themselves. “There’s a road in Wilton called Nod Hill Road,” she says. “It’s beautiful, hilly and classic New England. I wanted my company to reflect something local.”

Photograph by Hollie Bertram