Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned
Makes 1 cocktail


2¼ ounces bourbon (67mL)
1 orange peel
1 luxardo cherry
4 dashes bitters
1 sugar cube


  1. Cut a 1-inch circle of orange peel.
  2. Place a sugar cube in a glass and saturate with bitters.
  3. Muddle the sugar cube and then add 1 ½ ounces of bourbon.
  4. Add ice and stir well.
  5. Using a match or lighter, warm the orange peel up, then squeeze while holding at a 45° angle over glass. Wipe peel on rim of glass and drop in.
  6. Add cherry, and ¾ ounce of bourbon and give a final stir. You may add a small spritz of soda as well. Garnish with a strip of orange peel and enjoy!

Recipe Courtesy of John Kanell of Preppy Kitchen