Stavros Karipides

Chef Stavros Karipides
Famous Greek Kitchen
Greenwich, CT

Define innovation: You have to be a little crazy, with people telling you you’re nuts, and you also need to be very curious in order to be innovative.
I love when people tell me no; that’s when I start thinking outside the box to create something new.

Your first memorable dish: When I was 19, I made Cornish game hen. I deboned it, butterflied it, pounded it out a bit, marinated it in fresh herbs with garlic lemon zest and cooked it on a charcoal grill. I made sauce with the bones and served it over fried shallots. To this day, I keep a variation of this dish on my menu at all times.

Stavros Karipides Quote

Favorite place to eat and drink in the area: I always let my kids decide where they want to eat. With the exception of Sunday mornings, you will find us at Mamaroneck Diner and Pizza.

Best part of the job: The calm right before dinner service, everyone quietly getting the place ready
for the rush.

Favorite spin on traditional dish: Instead of whole roasted chicken, I use chicken thighs with fresh herbs and a touch of saffron garlic.

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Photos by Bruce Plotkin