Must Have: The Leica X2 Camera

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Even in our instantly shareable, selfie-obsessed world, a good, lightweight 35 mm camera still feels like the right way to capture your favorite vacation images. Leica, the famous German camera maker, lets you shoot in style with its 12 oz., X2 “a la carte” camera. You can trick out the basic black or titanium-colored body with leather covers and straps in cool colors like capri blue, apple green, or embossed leather in black or chestnut. You can put your own stamp on it even more by engraving a name, monogram or a family crest on the flash cover or the top of the camera. Now who’s the hot shot?

Leica X2 camera, Price: starting at $1,995, leather covers at $350 Where to buy:  Camera Wholesalers, Stamford, CT,