Want to know the best place to score a great Shirley Temple in the area? Just ask Fairfield, CT, first grader Leo Kelly.

“Leo has loved Shirley Temples since we can remember,” says his mom Lisa Kelly. And last year, as he was enjoying his favorite drink while on vacation in Newport, RI, inspiration struck. “He asked if he could create an Instagram account where he would rate Shirley temples at different restaurants. He came up with the name “Theshirleytempleking” and his first video was taped then and there,” says Lisa. Today, Kelly has over a quarter million followers on the platform—and was even a guest on Ellen.

Some of his favorite local picks: Artisan in Southport, CT, Centro in Fairfield, and Pearl at Longshore in Westport, CT. “He loves the Shirley Temple at Hoodoo Brown BBQ in Ridgefield and was thrilled with a delicious Shirley Temple milkshake from Elm Street Diner in Stamford,” says his mom. In a recent post, Kelly even got to try a Shirley Temple cupcake, created by Marcia Seldan Catering.

Aside from cupcakes, his favorite food pairing is pizza of course, but dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and cheeseburgers take a close second. Visit him on Instagram at @theshirleytempleking.