Jami Goldman likes to find the beautiful in what most people would consider inconsequential subjects: The hull of a boat, the sun glimmering on rippling water, the knots of a tree stump. These all take on new meaning through Goldman’s lens—and this ability to turn everyday objects into fine art through photography is something she’s honed over a lifetime.

Her mother, an artist and interior design enthusiast, first inspired her love of art. “Through watching and experiencing her work, I learned the value, and moreover the importance of art as a form of expression,” says Goldman. Later, her time in the publishing industry—she held leadership positions at Meredith Corporation, Bon Appetit and Vanity Fair magazines—exposed her to many prominent interior designers and photographers as she continued to pursue photography as a hobby in her free time.

Today, what began as a passion has evolved into a career. She now works with interior designers and private owners to offer commis- sions and virtual art placement. And, most recently, through Greenwich’s Art to the Avenue, her work was selected to be featured in the Richard’s store window, where you can see it firsthand this summer.