Megan Boyce and Russell Poltrack
April 7, 2018
It was a chance meeting before a New York Yankees game that brought Megan Boyce and Russell Poltrack together. The two colleagues were friendly, but had never spent time together outside the office—until they ran into each other on that April day in 2013. “We exchanged numbers at the bar before going into the game and didn’t stop texting after that!” says Megan, who hails from Riverdale, NY, where the couple now lives.

For their wedding, Megan and Russell chose The Waterview in Monroe, CT, (Poltrack grew up in Stamford, CT) as their venue—and kept their details timeless. “We wanted it to be classic, so we stuck to a color palette we knew would never go out of style: black, white and gold,” says the bride. Those colors were reflected in everything from the bridesmaids dresses, which were black and paired with gold accessories, to the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, which featured white roses in gold ribbon, to the gold cake topper and the bride’s black ceremony shoes. The menu included some of the groom’s favorites, like chicken marsala, and the DJ, Sam Turner, kept everyone dancing.

The couple also incorporated lots of family traditions: “My big Irish family plays ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond at every wedding and a requirement during this song is to put a napkin on your head,” says Megan. Though the origin has been lost to family lore, she loved being able to do it on her own big day. And Russell hails from a family of musicians—who not only performed, but subbed in personalized lyrics for the couple. And to honor Megan’s mother, who passed away from cancer, the couple donated to the American Cancer Society as their favor.

“A lot of our guests told us how much fun they had, and that made all the stress and preparation worth it,” says Megan. “We have the best family and friends, and that was evident on our big day.”