Caterer Mary Giuliani is on the speed dial of some of Hollywood’s biggest
stars. This isn’t the career she’d planned—which makes her success even more delicious.Now she’s sharing her secrets to making every party you host your best yet.

Serve your greatest hits.

“I have gotten away with serving nothing but pigs in a blanket and martinis, and I did it with joy and gusto and my guests were happy.”

Keep drinks simple.

“You don’t have to serve every liquor that’s sitting in your cabinet. Narrow that down!”

Give yourself a home court advantage.

“Host in a room you’re comfortable in. Take it outside when you can.”

Go with what you’ve got.

“I love constantly reinventing the uses of things I have lying around. Like a paper towel holder could display bagels for a brunch. Or my cookie jars that collect dust, I serve drinks out of them. Just look around and see what you can use, because there’s no rules. There’s no rules in fight club and there’s no rules in party throwing!”

-by Eleni Gage