The 104-year-old Ox Ridge Riding & Racquet Club in Darien, CT, has long been famous for its top-notch equestrian offerings. Now, thanks to a $10 million restoration and
reconstruction project, the club—which is set to reopen in mid-June—will feature upgraded facilities including a new clubhouse with eight squash courts. Will Newnham, head squash
professional at the club, explains why squash is a great sport:

It’s a real workout.

“In a half-hour of squash played at a high standard, you can expect to burn close to 400 calories,” he says.

It’s a mood booster.

“Theintense cardio gets your endorphins pumping, which reduces stress levels and increases dopamine levels.”

It’s safer than it looks.

“It is always good to call a ‘let’—replaying the point if there is interference—if you think that you could possibly hit your opponent with the ball or racquet, or run into them on your path to the ball. I would always recommend wearing protective goggles.”