Backyard Chickens Made Easier

“My family got chickens at the start of the pandemic, without any idea of the amount of work involved in taking care of them,” says 17-year-old Henry Sorbaro. “The work fell on me, and I realized my family was not the only one who got chickens at this time without knowledge about how to take care of them. This inspired me to start reaching out to family friends who I knew owned chickens and start the business.”

Now, the enterprising Brunswick School junior runs Declucks Chicken Services, offering everything from coop cleaning to health checkups to water and feed refills. “For people considering getting backyard chickens, the first thing they need to is set up a fence around the chicken area in order to prevent predators. Attacks are very common, especially in the spring,” advises Sorbaro. He recommends doing some research before you build your coop to make sure it’s the right size for your flock. 


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