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Exclusive Tips from Jonathan Adler

Fans of the fun and colorful wares of Jonathan Adler had a chance to meet the designer himself and have him sign their purchases while also supporting Westport Country Playhouse at a special event on December 15 at the Westport, CT, store. The store was filled with shoppers getting ready for the holidays while sipping bubbly from Celange and bites from Garelick & Herbs. Twenty percent of the evening’s sales went to support the playhouse. I had the opportunity to chat with him before the evening kicked off.

Jonathan Adler with Lisa Kennedy at his Westport CT location.

It’s holiday season, are you done with all of your holiday shopping? Yes. Because I am the ultimate Christmas elf. You’re in my gift closet.

So what’s on your holiday wish list? My wish list this year. I’m impossible, but I gotta say—I know I’m supposed to say “peace and love” but really I’m just wanting anything Gucci at the moment. That’s my true wish!

That’s a good wish list item! Yeah, I’m having a very Gucci moment. Gucci and Comme Des Garcons—I live in it. If my husband is reading this, you cannot go wrong with a Gucci shoe of any description in a 7 ½!

What’s the next trip on your bucket list? Galapagos is something I would love to do. I mean what could be cuter. And the older I get the more I’m like “I never want to go to another city as long as I live”. When you get to be my age, you’ll have been to every city and you’ll be like “oh, so this is the Prada in Budapest”. Who cares? Whereas treading around with some wildlife? I am in!

I heard this new term, somebody wrote a book about it that I thought was quite interesting called biophelia and its about the energy you get from non-human life forms. And I thought that’s an unnamed phenomenon but it’s true. Like, when I was paddle boarding outside my Shelter Island house last summer and I saw a seal, I felt completely energized and alive and excited. It’s just hard to explain,  but it’s the energy and happiness you feel from biophelia.

How many dogs do you have?  I have one, Liberace has moved on. But now Foxy Lady is maybe the most perfect being ever to have walked the face of the earth! She’s quite perfect.

Does she inspire you in anything that you create? I would never think that anything I make could every equal her majesty. However, she inspires me everyday in everything I do.

You have an amazing attitude that you’ll say yes to just about anything. For example, Fisher Price comes your way with an opportunity, PayPal comes along and you have this “all in” way of going about it. Where do you get that from? I think it comes from failing at many jobs and feeling panic about my ability to make a living and that kind of engendered humility. And just being flattered if anyone asks me to do anything.

Who would you love to have approach you next? I’m desperate for a car company to ask me to do something. Desperate! And probably the think I’ve reached my Depends years yet, but you know if they’re reading this call me in about 20 years!

What’s on the horizon for the company next year? More. More stuff. I kind of spend all of my time traveling the world to find ever more gifted artisans to work with. Right now I’m doing lots of lacquer, goat skin, more and more brass. Just more better.

What is the one piece of design advice you would give to everyone about the one thing they need in their home? Everybody needs a chandelier that is bigger than they think it should be and more expensive than they can afford. No matter the size of your space. Also, a good bold rug sets the tone.

What’s the next movie you want to see? I’m desperate to see Elle the new Paul Verhoeven movie.

What book is on your night table? I read voraciously and I think I’m probably going to dip into the new Ian McEwan book which is called Nutshell.

Beverage of choice? Cranberry and seltzer. It’s known as a Liz Lange. Liz Lange is my best friend and she’s trying to have one named after her and I’m here to help the cause.

Guilty Pleasure—fave music? I have the most low brow taste in music out there so whatever is number one on the charts is my favorite. So pop music.

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Photographs by Cheryl Moss


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