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3 Things to Consider for Your Pool

Pools provide an appealing add-on to any home on the market today, but pool experts agree the real added value for their clients comes with the joy of family gathering together. “Pools remain one of the few gathering places and focal points for the family to spend extended quality time together,” says Jeremy Blum, president of Fairfield Pool. Thinking of installing one?

Here’s what to consider:

Buyers are looking for clean lines, natural stone surrounds and neutral color, says John De Feo,
professional landscape architect and director of design and project services for Shoreline Pools. “A swimming pool should reflect the architecture of the home and work well with the flow of the home’s living spaces,” says De Feo.

Greater advancements in technology and more environmentally friendly options are making having a pool more appealing. Pumps and heaters can be customized for the exact power and usage requirements of each pool. Alternative sanitation options, including ozone systems, UV systems and saltwater, use fewer chemicals than traditional chlorinators. “And all of it can be controlled from your smartphone!” says De Feo. Fiberglass one-piece pools are also gaining in popularity because they are easy to maintain, quick to install and have a lifetime warranty, adds Blum. Pool owners have their choice of shapes and sizes, and extras like spillover spas, tanning ledges and benches.

Pools are safer and more energy efficient with automatic covers, which have become the “new norm” today, says De Feo. Also a must these days are integrated spas. “They give our clients the clean, modern design they want and added efficiencies by sharing the swimming pool’s automatic cover and operation equipment,” he adds.

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