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Inside a Westchester Home Perfectly Redesigned For a Growing Family

Interior designer Jody Myers-Fierz was originally hired to furnish a Tudor-style home in Westchester County for her clients, New York City builder Brian Costigan and his wife, Janice.  Brian would be renovating the home, and Myers-Fierz would select the finishes and furnishings. The timeline for the project was eight months, and since Janice was pregnant, time was clearly of the essence. Two weeks after the project kicked off, Myers-Fierz received a frantic phone call asking that she “disregard the floor plans.” Her renovation project had morphed into a complete new build, from the foundation up, and the deadline remained the same. With time ticking away, the interior designer swiftly reimagined the original schedule to accommodate the additional work and stick to the agreed upon move-in date. Given the clients’ situation (a baby on the way), Myers-Fierz knew that eight months truly meant eight months and that the project could not experience any delays. Brian and Janice wanted to create a place of serenity and relaxation in their home to keep the stresses of everyday life at bay. They loved neutral colors, like cream, taupe and light gray, and weren’t afraid to use this palette throughout their home. Myers-Fierz executed their vision and helped incorporate subtle touches of color and texture to prevent the space from getting boring. She added glamorous materials like mirror, glass, leather and fur to achieve a light, modern feel. Together, the designer and clients chose all components for the home, and despite the exacting level of detail and custom work, all deadlines were met and the Costigans were thrilled with their new home.

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