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Advice on Antiques

Antique Gallery

If you’ve always loved the idea of buying antiques but could never quite get the hang of it, Emily B. Collins, director of The Gallery at 200 Lex, a huge antique marketplace within The New York Design Center, offers this tip: “Talk to experts who are knowledgeable about what you are buying and looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, like why something costs more,” she says. She also advises buyers choose the best quality they can afford. “We are used to working with clients and designers on all these things, making shopping at The Gallery at 200 Lex an easy and comfortable experience no matter what experience one might have with antiques.”

Particularly popular right now are mid-century modern pieces, although Collins says they’ve seen an uptick in interest for more traditional items recently, a trend she expects to grow. “Antiques are one-of-a-kind,” she says. “No two are alike, they have character and provenance, and therefore make every room personal and authentic.” 

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