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Amy Hirsch on Creating the Perfect Space for Each Client


With a decade of interior design experience, Amy Aidinis Hirsch has built up a discriminating clientele that relies on her knowledge, problem-solving abilities and refined taste to help design homes that reflect their lives and style. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and the product of two parents who worked in the home industry, the Greenwich-based designer channels her rich background in architecture, design and the arts to approach each project with a sense of history, an eye for detail and consideration of the client’s lifestyle.

How did you get started in this business?
I have been so fortunate to have grown up with a family of tradesman and with my mother as a realtor.  From the time I was very young, my father showed me plans of large caliber homes and I was always fascinated by layouts and the configuration of space. I had the opportunity to see the works of wonderful architects such as Thierry Despont and David Easton early on, and I fell in love with the craftsmanship of an interior space and the spirit of a home.

What traits have made you successful and why?
Really listening to my clients allows me to design spaces that are ideal for their needs and wants. It’s definitely my top asset. Knowing that interior design is not just about beauty, but also about being able to anticipate problems and solve them—knowing everything can be fixed—is another critical aspect of what I do. Educating clients along the way is a sort of by-product of problem-solving. They learn the full range of possibilities we bring to every project.

What has been the best business advice you’ve gotten and who was it from?
The best advice I received was the example set by my family from the time I was very young. My parents impressed on me their business savvy, giving me simple core values. From my family, I learned to be honest, humble and transparent.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of the interior design process is the installation. I love that moment when the space is unveiled and you stand back and think, “That’s exactly what I wanted it to be.” We wait so long to get to that point, so it’s very gratifying to experience that moment.

In today’s market there is a growing number of women starting their own businesses. In your experience, what makes women uniquely qualified to be successful entrepreneurs?
I believe women, in particular, have a confidence and perseverance that people naturally want to follow. When a woman is steadfast in what she believes and does not waver, when she follows her gut instinct, she will find success.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design: 77 North Water St., Greenwich, CT, 203-661-1266

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