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The Perfect Addition To Your Table

These handmade Thistle & Hyde Oban coasters (starting at $31.50 for a set of 2) are the creation of two sisters from Black Rock, CT. “My sister and I founded Thistle & Hyde because we wanted to mix our love of design with our strong commitment to handcrafted artwork,” says co-owner and founder Hannah Stapleton. “Each item we make is lovingly crafted from start to finish with an eye to a chic, contemporary look.” Made of epoxy resin and finished with gold accents, these coasters are individually made to order.

The small-batch home décor company sells only handmade items from their own studio so each piece is truly unique. The assortment of established designs is dazzling to view, but the fact that they can be customized as well makes them a stylish accent for a cocktail party or a thoughtful hostess gift.

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