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Connecticut Stone: Quality Products & Craftsmanship


As a leading American stone supplier and fabricator, Connecticut Stone is very proud to be made in the USA, and specifically made in CT. For nearly 70 years they have focused their manufacturing efforts on American craftsmanship and the result is quality natural stone products enjoyed for generations.

What’s the first thing you do when you meet with a new client? When working with a new client for the first time, we want to make sure we understand both the scope of the work involved and the specific needs of the project. We tend to ask a lot of questions and actively listen to the answers. We have come to learn that each project is its own story with its own unique challenges. Perhaps the project is located on an island and the transport of our materials requires special consideration. Perhaps the job needs to be completed within a tight time frame for a couple’s upcoming nuptials. Whatever the story, our goal at Connecticut Stone is to fully understand the needs of a project so that we can effectively and proactively meet and manage the scope of work.

CS-BathroomHow have home design TV shows helped or hurt the industry? Home design TV shows have revolutionized our industry. These programs have provided a wealth of knowledge to the general public which is wonderful. Clients have a much better understanding of the options available to them because they have been exposed to so much information. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is entirely true as it relates to these shows. Clients can see how a particular material looks installed prior to making a personal commitment. I’ve noticed that clients are more confident in their decision-making process as a result. Seeing the products installed on TV somehow lessens the risk they may have previously felt.

What does Connecticut Stone offer that differentiates them from other stone companies? We are unique in that we supply natural stone products for both interior and exterior applications. To be equally strong in exterior natural building stone as well as tile or countertop fabrication is highly unusual in our industry. So whether your project is residential or commercial, you can source the entire project through our company.
This competitive advantage is typically embraced by our industry colleagues. It’s one- stop shopping for natural stone!








Connecticut Stone: 138 Woodmont Rd., Milford, CT, 203-882-1000


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