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CPG Architects

Photo Caption: After successfully designing Cannondale Sports Unlimited’s prototype retail store and training center, in Bethel, CT, CPG was the company’s first call for the design of the new 40,000 square foot offices at iPark in Norwalk, CT. Utilizing natural materials, colorful forms and reclaimed woods, the space is fun and sporty. The architecture emulates the colorful culture of the Connecticut- born CSU while breaking down physical barriers to foster collaboration and impromptu meetings.

dm-cpg-architects-2After 35 years in business, CPG Architects has developed a formula for success —listen carefully to clients and understand the functions, culture and desired image of their company. CEO and founder Gary Unger shares with Serendipity a few design secrets of his very successful firm as well as the inside scoop on one of their most recent projects —the revamping of Cannondale’s headquarters — into an ultra-modern, fresh and innovative space geared toward creativity and productivity.

Where do you get your inspiration?
We believe we can help our clients work better and provide them with a great quality of life environment. Seeing our clients move into new quarters with the excitement that comes with a new home is what makes us feel like we are doing something worthwhile.

What are your top 3 design rules?
Completely understand what the clients’ goals and expectations are functionally and stylistically. Write an Executive Design Mandate document that’s detailed enough to direct the design team and make your ideas clear to the client. Create a strong conceptual design plan that incorporates design elements into a cohesive and unified vision, which can be accomplished on budget and on time.

What is the most encouraging trend you see in commercial design today?
More and more senior management is viewing the creation of a new office as a significant business opportunity. They view the architecture as a tool to help support and express their brand, attract and retain the best talent, improve the quality of life and positively affect their bottom line.

Contact: 203-967-3456,

One Dock St., Stamford, CT

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