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Design for the Whole Family

“We started Curated Nest because we knew there was a gap in the market: a traditional interior design approach of high-end luxury would not work for new or growing families,” says Curated Nest co-founder Erin Coren, who runs the family-focused interior design firm with Lina Galvão. “Interior design, other than DIY approaches, just wasn’t geared towards functional, family-friendly homes, and we had plenty of ideas of how to fulfill that as busy parents ourselves.” Based in Rye Brook, NY, the pair work to design homes that are as practical as they are luxurious and stylish.

A go-to tip? “We often pull out the ‘prettier’ or quieter or smaller toys from the main play area and incorporate those into the traditionally more adult spaces, like wooden blocks in a decorative bowl,” says Coren. “Then, we find beautiful ways to store them. The key is a concealed form of storage that still allows the child their things,” she says, like decorative side- board or basket. 

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