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DMD 18 Quotes Opener

Here’s what our previous Design Market Honorees are talking about now, from material trends to developments in technology.

If you could design a house for anyone (historical or living), who would it be for, and why?
Elon Musk, a true modern visionary.”—Rich Granoff
“That’s such a fun question; one person that comes to mind is Elvis Presley. He was one of the most popular entertainers of his time and had such a great voice yet Graceland left a lot to be desired. I would have loved to work with him to get him a house in context with his success in life; a home where he could entertain his family and friends.”—Dinyar Wadia
Steven Tyler. Love the eclecticism and boldness of how he dresses. Look at the colors and texture of the clothing he wears; could you imagine what the interior of his house would be?”—Jody Myers-Fierz
Bono. I love the band U2 and find Bono’s professional and humanitarian work inspiring. Designing a home for this icon would be insightful and stimulating.”—Charles Hilton
Iris Apfel. A fashion icon, drumming to her own beat with confidence and totally unapologetic for her outrageous selections. I am fascinated how brazen she is. My own personal fashion style sense is much more conservative— definitely the total opposite end of the spectrum.”—Amy Aidinis Hirsch

DMD Quotes

Our Experts:
Rich Granoff, Granoff Architects, 2015 Honoree
Dinyar Wadia, Wadia Associates, 2015 Honoree
Douglas VanderHorn, Douglas VanderHorn Associates, 2016 Honoree
Amy Aidinis Hirsch, Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design, 2016 Honoree
George Pusser, Cornerstone Contracting, 2017 Honoree
Jody Myers-Fierz, Color Concept Theory, 2017 Honoree
Charles Hilton, Charles Hilton Architects, 2017 Honoree

Photograph by Jane Beiles

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