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Hobbs Care

With a focus on keeping clients as happy with their fine homes as the day they moved in, Hobbs Care’s team of master craftsmen and technical experts are known for their dedication to quality and customer service. Whether clients are looking to have repairs done right, update their home with the latest technologies, or completely remodel to fit their needs, they can count on a Hobbs Care project to improve their home—and their quality of life.

dm-hobbs-care-2What sets Hobbs Care apart within the construction industry?
We work very hard at providing a premium experience to all of our clients. From our subcontractors to our employees and culture we try to anticipate the needs of each homeowner so that our process creates the best possible outcome. We do things right the first time, using planning and experience to bring out the important

Is there such a thing as a “typical” Hobbs Care project?
We like to think that resourcefulness and flexibility are typical traits when you choose Hobbs Care to implement your project.

Why does Hobbs Care have such a strong reputation in Fairfield and Westchester Counties?
Hobbs is a family-owned and operated company which has, for three generations, provided families with the best in construction service. The Hobbs Care division has upheld this reputation and broadened our client base for over 12 years. When we say we will do something, it gets done. We hope that when clients think of us they will make a recommendation based on this fundamental pillar of our culture. Satisfaction is not the completion of a project but the relationship that lasts for many years.

Photo Caption:New custom home built by Davenport Contracting overlooking Greenwich Cove. Architecture by Charles Hilton Architects
Photo Caption:Architecture by: Shope Reno Wharton

Contact: 203-966-0726,

27 Grove Street, New Canaan, CT,

DMD15_CoverAbout the Design Market
The annual Serendipity Design Market Digest is the definitive guide to décor, featuring gorgeous homes, top experts and beautiful trends in Fairfield and Westchester counties and NYC. In addition to this special publication, the DMD sponsors expert-lead symposiums, kitchen tours and other special events throughout the year

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