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Jablonski Associates

dm-jablonski-associates-4The New Canaan, CT-based luxury home builder has received a number of awards and offers decades of experience in construction management. Jeremi Jablonski, the firm principle, treats home building as stewardship and insists on exceptional commitment to serving his clients.

What is your typical and most unusual project?
We build new homes, but we are also
 involved in renovation projects. The client’s vision always dm-jablonski-associates-3comes first. We can handle any project in any location, and sometimes 
we travel to distant places.

What’s you advice for a successful project?
Build the team first! Early input from all trade professionals will save time and money. The team approach will assure fast, efficient project design, construction and completion.

What trends do you see today?
We are building faster and better — not bigger — but definitely better! The houses tend to be smaller but the technology, appliances and finishes are superior to what we were doing 
10 years

What pieces should every home have?
A comfortable sofa where the whole family can hang out, an “investment piece” rug to frame the space and window treatments to pull it all together.

If you could design a home anywhere, 
where would it be?
Deserted island would be my first choice, but any waterfront would keep me excited!

Contact: Office: 203-966-3636, Cell: 203-856-0578,

59 Grove St., Suite 1B, New Canaan, CT

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