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Luxury Home Builders Jablonski Associates on New Trends for Designing Your Dream House


The New Canaan, CT-based luxury home builder has received a number of awards and offers decades of experience in construction management. Jeremi Jablonski, the firm principle, treats home building as stewardship and insists on exceptional commitment to serving his clients.

What is your formula for a successful project? First, I want to set the expectations as to timing, budget and quality. Next, we look into the chain of command and reporting to ensure productive communication with the entire team. On the job site, I try to break even the most complex projects into small pieces, so it is easier to monitor the progress and quality. Finally, when the project is completed, we follow up with a maintenance plan. We are still servicing houses we built 15 years ago.

How often do you see architects, builders and designers working together from the beginning to the end of a project? Unfortunately, not often enough. Usually various professional or trade individuals come in at the last moment. It is too bad because early input from the experts could elevate the project to the next level, as well as save time and money. My advice is to build the team first! The team approach brings faster and more efficient project completion.

What trends do you see today? I see more modern projects being built. Even the more traditional houses will have open floor plans and sleek interiors. Also, we are building faster and better—not bigger—but definitely better. The houses tend to be smaller but the technology, materials and finishes are superior to what we were using 10 years ago.
If you could build a home anywhere, where would it be?
A deserted island would be my first choice, but any waterfront would keep me excited.

Jablonski Associates
59 Grove St., Suite 1B, New Canaan, CT
Office: 203-966-3636, Cell: 203-856-0578

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