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Robshaw Throw pillows

Serendipity Must Have

“The store is an old bungalow house with lovely grounds and a barn,” says John Robshaw, CEO of John Robshaw Textiles, of his new store in Falls Village, CT. “I wanted to open a shop to be creative, test ideas that wholesalers might not want to try, house a lot of vintage textiles, Naga furniture, bone inlay furniture, and have beds made up in our linens, of course. It’s fun to see how they work, speak, and argue with each other!”

Plus, he says, he’s loving the customer feedback and learning more about how people shop. There’s plenty to shop for, including a number of designer’s signature styles, such as sheets, quilts and pillows (Each season they introduce more than 40 new pillow styles), as well as bone inlay furniture, Naga coffee tables and vintage wares. The Adventure Pillow Bundle starts at $750 and will push you out of your design comfort zone. New for 2022, Robshaw is introducing block- printed tents, dipped indigo rugs and block printed blazers.

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