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Trudy Dujardinn Creates Award-Winning Interiors For a Discerning Clientele


Whether designing a casual beach house or a chic city apartment, traditional or contemporary, Dujardin (recognized worldwide as a highly credentialed industry leader, FASID, LEED AP) makes the process fun. Her best-selling book, Comfort Zone: Creating the Eco-Elegant Interior, is a beautiful coffee table book with a focus on sustainability. “A Healthy Home is the Ultimate Luxury, TM,” says Dujardin.

What inspired you to become a designer?
I began my career in the fine arts, as a painter, but working alone in my studio in Rowayton was too isolating because I love people! So I learned to be an artist in a different way. I’ve always been inspired by other creative artists in my family, including my uncle, a contemporary furniture designer in the East Village.

dujardin-dining-roomIf you could design a home anywhere, where would it be?
I live on two coasts: Long Island Sound in Connecticut, and on Nantucket island. As I’ve been aware since childhood that the ocean feeds my soul, I consider myself privileged to design homes on the island, and wherever the sea meets the shore. Nantucket’s quality of light and beauty has always drawn me.

What one element do you think no design can do without?
Each home should be unique to the family that lives there. A singular, unusual collection (for instance, antique sailor whirligigs, or blown glass sculptures) can be striking conversation pieces. I like to see family heirloom pieces incorporated into interiors as well. Family history is important, as is a sense of place.

Where do you save when decorating a home?
Even the owners of the grandest homes have a budget in mind, so when necessary, we are happy to work with clients in stages. The best savings are realized in working with a credentialed, licensed designer, who can avoid costly mistakes.

Any colors you love now?
A longtime signature of my work has been to use white with one other color, often hues taken from the sea. Less is more.

What are you best known for?
Clean, classic, timeless design. We guide our clients through all phases of a project,
from the initial concept with an architect, to the construction phase when there’s a
decision to be made seemingly every minute, to the final installation.

Dujardin Design
Westport, CT, 203-838-8100, Nantucket, MA, 508-228-1120


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