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Bushnell Golf Ball Enabled Launch Pro


Bushnell Golf, makers of the #1 laser rangefinder in golf, today introduced their latest product advancement with the Ball Enabled Launch Pro personal launch monitor. Developed in partnership with Foresight Sports, the revamped Launch Pro is built on the industry’s best and most widely accepted technology and aims to bring professional grade ball-tracking to the everyday golfer.

Your pursuit of longer drives, more accurate carries and lower scores requires knowing the critical data points of your swing. Using a personal launch monitor will give you these data points, however, not all launch monitors are created equal.

Unlike radar-based systems that set up behind the golfer and rely on algorithms to guess what happened at impact, the Launch Pro combines proprietary high speed/high resolution cameras with infrared which has been optimized in an auto calibrating three-camera system to deliver Tour-level performance and accuracy on every shot. We literally see impact like never before and this allows you to trust your swing when it matters most.