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Sculpd Pottery Kit


  • POTTERY STARTER KIT  – A Sculpd Pottery Kit contains everything needed for two people to sculpt, carve, paint and varnish their own waterproof plant pots, trinket dishes, vases, sculptures and everything in between while at home.
  • WHAT’S INSIDE?  – 2kg premium air-dry clay, step-by-step pottery guide, clay sculpting tools, white acrylic paint, waterproof gloss varnish, 2 x ultra-fine bristle paintbrushes and a potters sponge.
  • SCULPD AIR DRY CLAY  – We use a premium light air-drying clay that is soft, supple, easy to manipulate and dries a lovely stone grey color with a smooth surface making it a joy to paint on when dry. We’ve tested every air-dry clay we could get our fingers into, and Sculpd clay is hands down the best.
  • SHARE BETWEEN TWO  – Perfect for beginners, this clay kit makes for a unique pottery gift for both adults and kids, and a great craft night activity for the family. The kit includes access to a whole host of pottery video tutorials so you can level up your technique with ease.
  • GLOSS VARNISH  – We developed a special gloss varnish for air-dry clay. Similar to a glaze, it gives your pottery creations a ceramic look and makes them waterproof! Now you can make plant pots that last from home.