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Christian Siriano Doing His Part to Help

christian siriano masks

Award-winning designer – and recent Serendipity cover star – Christian Siriano came together with his team to create face masks for medical professionals treating coronavirus patients. 

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed concern about the severe shortage of face masks for healthcare workers amid the coronavirus epidemic, designer Christian Siriano immediately stepped in to help. “I was watching the governor explain how low supplies were so I just felt like it wouldn’t hurt to offer that my team could help. It was just a random thought but I always say it never hurts to ask,” says Siriano. 

He tweeted “If @NYGovCuomo says we need masks my team will help make some. I have a full sewing team still on staff working from home that can help.” Cuomo took him up on his offer and Siriano and his team quickly got to work. “When they responded we hit the ground running an hour later and had a prototype of a new mask the next day!” 

So far, the designer and his team of seamstresses have made more than 75,000 face masks for New York healthcare workers. “We tried to have everyone work from home but it was too hard to get what we needed finished so we were able to get a certificate from the governor to open as an essential business because we were donating to all the New York Hospitals at the time.” 

The mask materials were paid for through private donations and Siriano and his team donated their time. Making a serious impact and positive change one mask at a time. How’s that for making a truly life-saving difference during a crisis? 

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