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Get to Know: Faye Kim Fine Jewelry

Faye Kim Borach Necklace

Unique designs make this Westport store a favorite among Fairfield and Westchester residents who have a taste for glamour.

Established in 2003 in Westport, CT, uniqueness has become a trademark of Faye Kim’s exceptional fine jewelry. Her signature collection of stack rings combined with her ever-changing assortment of bangles, earrings and layering chains keeps customers coming back again and again. We caught up with Faye Kim to talk about her evolving design aesthetic and how she stays up on trends, while still maintaining the timelessness of the classics.

Talk about the design process.
Whether I source gemstones or work with the client’s own merchandise, the design process is collaborative. Based on discussions and meetings, I will present a design with options that work within their budget. In addition to my signature collection, I have a growing collection of vintage and antiques pieces that I blend in. I appreciate and enjoy all styles of jewelry and am happy to design for my client’s aesthetic. Options range from sterling silver, gold, platinum, semi-precious and precious gemstones-suitable to meet a wide range of budgets.

Talk about jewelry makeovers.
Over the years we find ourselves with a collection jewelry we no longer wear; it maybe a mix of family heirlooms, jewelry passed down, purchased or gifted…When a client comes in with her pieces, she will learn what’s worth holding onto, what needs to be repaired/restored, what could be reimagined into a new and what could be scrapped and put towards new projects. It’s a rewarding process helps one update their jewelry collection so that it’s fresh, relevant and wearable.

What do you advise clients?
Cultivate your own distinctive style. Jewelry should be worn and enjoyed! See your jewelry as part of your wardrobe. Be thoughtful and wise in the pieces you invest in. Fashion trends come and go so quickly, yet jewelry can last a lifetime and be passed on. Build a wearable, versatile jewelry collection that fits into your lifestyle whether it is casual, sporty, sexy or dressy. It’s so important to go out of your comfort zone, explore and experiment with different styles.

Describe your 18k green gold collection.
My 18k green gold alloy is 75% pure gold and 25% silver. Traditional 18k yellow gold has copper in the alloy, giving it darker, saturated yellow tone. I find that the green gold is brighter and quite flattering on nearly all skin tones.

Talk about your relationship with your customers.
I am one of the few remaining independent retailers on Main Street. I feel so fortunate and grateful for the support that has enabled me to continue doing what I love for 17 years.

Presented by Faye Kim Fine Jewelry
190 Main Street Westport, CT 06880, (203)-226-3511,

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