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Hair Tips From the Pros


Over the last few months, we’ve come to realize how many things we probably took for granted before the COVID-19 virus changed how we live our lives. Raise your hand if your hair wasn’t somehow effected at some point? We’re reaching out to area experts to get their advice on how best to deal with some of the things we’ve been encountering during our lockdowns and as life slowly reopens.

Colour Culture‘s Tips for Maintaining Your Color

1. We were all on our own with our hair color for a few months, what is the most important thing we can do to care for the color that is left?
If you can’t get to your colorist, this is the perfect time to give your hair the much needed break it deserves. Conditioning treatments and skipping the blow dryer whenever you can will help mend the dryness of your hair!

2. If we have to try something over the counter, what should someone look for in the product? Can you give ideas for: roots, highlights, single process?
If you absolutely insist on touching up your grey hair at home with an OTC product, look for something “semi permanent”. This will help it to fade out faster if you choose the wrong shade. Blondes should stay away from OTC hair dye all together to prevent orange tones. OTC hair dye is also more damaging then professional color lines.  

3. What is the biggest mistake you see customers making when trying to do hair color on their own?
If you try to do your own hair color at home, you risk choosing the wrong shade. The pictures shown on OTC box dyes, are usually pretty far off from what the colors actually are.  Professional hair colorists formulate a customized color for their clients that is.  This is the chemistry behind hair color.  

Gray Blending with Foil Highlights done by Dena at Colour Culture

4. Are there products you recommend we can do to make our color last as long as possible once we are able to get out to get it updated?
Quality shampoos and conditioners (usually purchased at a salon) are the number one way to keep your color looking fresh and feeling healthy.  For blondes, many product companies make purple based shampoos which keep the blonde from getting brassy, and for brunettes, and color safe shampoo and conditioner will also do the trick.  

5. What treatment would you suggest clients book for to correctly manage the gray that has grown out in the last few months?
When you’re ready for you first grey touch up appointment you should book a single process. Make sure to get a glaze to refresh all of the regrowth and fading that has happened. At Colour Culture we offer different “grey touch up” options to cater to every clients needs.  

6. Do these treatments take differently to each hair color? Hair type?
Yes, these treatments take differently to every hair color and hair type. This is why we created “the grey concept” because everyone’s grey pattern is different. Not all grey touch ups have to be the same. They should be customized for each client for the best results.

Baylage Highlights done by Dena at Colour Culture

7. Is this a good time to consider taking your color/style in a bold/new direction? How many visits would it take?
Some women have decided to give their “grey roots” a chance, or embrace the trendy “rooty look”, but the majority will end up realizing they feel more polished when their grey is covered, or their roots are fresh.  People also might be inspired to try a new look because they want to feel uplifted after these sad times.  

8. When clients are looking for a change, how do you suggest they settle on a style that they will be happy with? How do you prepare them for the change?
Lots of consulting,  lots of pictures, thorough explanations of maintenance, start slowly.  

Traditional Foil Highlights done by Dena at Colour Culture

9. What is the difference between single process, highlights and bayalage? What are the pros of each depending on your hair color/skin tone?
Single process is generally used to approach grey hair, or to alter your root color.  Traditional highlights are generally done with foils, and are more of a manicured, classic look.  Balayage is a “lived in” sunkissed look, that incorporates lots of your natural hair color.  They are all great options! We decide which approach is best for our clients by having a thorough consultation, and also by determining what is most realistic for their hair.  

10. Name 5 products you think everyone needs to maintain fabulous hair?

  • A bond builder This is a hair treatment that adds strength back to fragile hair.
  • Shine Spray (Kevin Murphy shimmer shine) this adds sparkle to dull hair
  • Volume spray for fine lifeless hair
  • “Wet brush” to de-tangle hair without damage
  • A smoothing serum or lotion to this tames frizz and adds shine to frizzy hair before a blowdry

Colour Culture is located at 1200 E Putnam Ave, 2nd Floor Riverside, CT. 203.698.2639

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